Building New Sites

At ClearWeb MGMT we specialize in building attractive and easy-to-maintain websites for small businesses, non-profits and individuals. Our clients are organizations of all sizes, with varying budgets and needs. Whether your church wants to put the sermon calendar online or your student club is starting a blog, ClearWeb MGMT can help.

Attractive Web Design With Business Intelligence

WhiteboardIt’s no secret that many firms can build an attractive website. But we seek to achieve more than that, and we have the experience to do it well. While we work closely with artistic designers, our founding team comes from an e-commerce and online marketing background. That means that we know how to make a website that works for you.

We know the right questions to identify what your goals are, and then how to build a website to serve those purposes. Are you selling something, or is your site primarily informational? Should visitors be browsing your photo galleries or signing up for your newsletter? ClearWeb MGMT will help you answer those questions and then structure your site accordingly with Calls to Action, Happy Path flows, and more tricks from the e-commerce giants.

Powerful Admin Backend

We always keep in touch with clients after their site launches, and we’re always available to help. But our goal is to build a website that our clients can manage on a day-to-day basis with no need for technical know-how.

Wordpress DashboardTo assure this easy upkeep, we build most of our websites with WordPress, the popular open source Content Management System (CMS). After signing into the WordPress Dashboard, our clients can change page titles, resize photos, edit text and even rearrange menu items with the click of a mouse.

WordPress is open source and non-proprietary which means that our clients retain all ownership rights to their content. The open platform also allows integration with many other online services, like a newsletter sign-up form or Flickr photo slideshow.