Improving Old Sites

We often work with clients who aren’t ready for a complete website redesign; there are still many ways ClearWeb MGMT can help you improve your online presence. Whether you have a wishlist of edits in mind or want help identifying possible improvements, ClearWeb MGMT has the know-how to make your existing site even better.

Making Edits and Adding Features

Our team has experience with a very wide variety of websites; everything from straight HTML-coded webpages to custom-built Content Management Systems. That gives us the depth of knowledge to figure out how to make edits or improvements on even the most outdated or wonky websites.

We encourage our clients to bring us their “wishlist” of site improvements, and we provide free consultation on how difficult each piece might be. From fixing broken webpages to setting up email accounts, ClearWeb MGMT can give your online home a makeover without the budget of a full redesign

Applying Analytics to Your Website

One of the best pieces of advice we give to clients with existing websites is to install Google Analytics on every page. When properly configured, this powerful tool can tell you a lot about visitors to your site; what pages they go to, what buttons they click, when they leave, and much more.

Google Analytics real-time dashboardWe first work with our clients to identify their most important metrics, then we set up Google Analytics to provide reporting. What is your most popular blog category? Where do most users click to from the homepage? We’ll show you how to use all the available data to optimize your site’s user experience.