Social Media and Blogs

These days it seems like every organization has created a blog and half a dozen social media accounts. At ClearWeb MGMT, we’re the first to say that these are not the silver bullets to online success – but they’re also not useless fads. Our team can help you take advantage of the helpful and avoid the hype-ful.

Blogging to Keep Your Site Fresh

Blog post shortA blog’s first purpose is to keep your website updated. A site with just a few old web pages may make visitors wonder if your organization is even still operating. Our Blog Management services can ensure that your site always has something new for visitors.

Some of our clients only need an occasional ghost-written post by one of our writers when they’re too busy themselves. Others welcome our help drafting a posting schedule, recurring blog segments and brainstorming content topics. However much help you think you need, we’re happy to provide.

Social Media to Bring Visitors Back Again

It’s great to have a visitor to your site. It’s even better to turn that visitor into a “Follower” who comes back again and again. Whether you’re sharing flash sale prices or a new blog post, social media can help your organization stay present in the minds of your audience.

Social media tile twistedOur social media services start at helping you determine which social media channels will work best for you, then providing set-up and training on best practices. Some of our clients ask us to manage their entire social media presence including the development of a voice, creating a Follow policy, posting schedule, and monitoring news services for relevant content. Others just need some occasional help here and there.

If you’re trying to decide if a blog or social media presence would be right for your organization, talk to us at ClearWeb MGMT. We’ll forget all the buzzwords and tell you what our experience has taught us.