Online Tools and Services

There are many services on the Internet that can make life easier for your organization – easier to stay connected, manage projects, or update your social media. Unfortunately, some of these tools aren’t the easiest to actually implement or maintain. That’s where ClearWeb MGMT can help.

Getting Through the Setup ProcessServices setup

Some services are easy to install, but others can be quite complicated. Whether you have to go find your “access pin” from another admin portal or set up user accounts with varying “roles”¬†for every member of your staff, we know how to get you up and running quickly.

Initial Training and “Cheat Sheets”

Once your service is set up, ClearWeb MGMT can provide training to you or your team. We’ll answer any questions and show you how to access all the capabilities and settings you might need. You can also request our Cheat Sheet service if you’d like our team to provide a reference document to find your way around a service.

Ongoing Support

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No matter how familiar you get with a particular service, you’ll always run into problems or find new things you need. Our team has probably seen the problem before, or we know where to look for the answer. We offer on-demand, personalized support and quick turn-around time for any questions you might have.

If you have are having trouble figuring out an online tool, get in touch today.